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At Aim for ‘A’ Revision Courses we are educationalists; therefore we care about the standard of the education we deliver. We strive to provide high quality revision, so that our students can realistically improve their chances of meeting their target grades, be it with their IB, A/S, A2, IGCSE/GCSE or Year 10 examinations. 

We only deliver courses which are tailored specifically to the learning needs of all our students. Each student who attends must specify what they are hoping to achieve from the course before it starts - so as to maximise the learning outcomes.  We further enhance the learning experience by limiting our numbers in each particular class to just 5 or 6. We also deliver an exam board specific course for each subject studied.

It is also our firm belief that a stimulating, well-equipped learning environment is of key importance during a course and thereby conducive to study. This goes in tandem with our high quality tutors, who are committed to our students even after the courses have finished. 

We now deliver a wide range of courses across the South East covering all the major examination boards from our centres in Kent, Surrey and London, on both a residential and non-residential basis at Easter, Christmas, February, May and during the Summer Holidays.

We also cater for an increasing number of international students, who choose to revise with us for their IGCSE and A level exams on a residential basis at Easter.

For present GCSE and A level or IB  students, we can offer booster courses at the Christmas period and at the February half term, which can be offered either online or else in person at Tonbridge School, following COVID 19 safety guidelines. 

Syllabus specific online courses will also be offered at Easter and the May Half Term as well as in person at Epsom College, Tonbridge School and at one London venue, probably Alleyn's School or Dulwich College.

Last year, between October and February, we offered many students a chance to improve their knowledge prior to the national lockdown which in turn led to a vital boost in many grade predictions, which ultimately became the final exam grades, due to last year's examinations being cancelled. 

If another lockdown does take place, or if our courses held in person are subject to any sudden restrictions being imposed, we can offer students the best support available online with syllabus specific courses delivered with numbers limited to just 6 students.

To register your interest, please click on the 'Registration tab' at the top of the website of simply phone us on 02087145729 for more information.