Christmas / New Year Revision Courses 2020/21 




Year 10


Courses and dates in Tonbridge School

Please phone for Epsom College Courses

Our Christmas courses at Tonbridge School and Epsom College offer students the chance to address any weaknesses they might perceive they have well in advance of the final examinations.

Our Christmas Revision Courses are particularly popular with Upper Sixth students, who wish to take advantage of the Winter break, in order to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to enhance their performance in their chosen A level subjects, well ahead of their terminal examinations in the Summer period.
Indeed, studying a course at Christmas also enables students to prepare adequately for their Lower Sixth examinations; in this way stress is kept to a minimum in the knowledge that any concerns are being addressed in good time.
Our Christmas courses also offer many IGCSE/GCSE students a chance to fill any existing gaps that might exist in their knowledge, so that a better performance is achieved in their mock examinations, which are traditionally held in many schools just after the New Year.
Students who attend at Xmas may focus more on acquiring knowledge and addressing any concerns with subject content rather than aiming specifically at practising past papers and perfecting exam technique.

The new GCSEs are now much more challenging than they used to be, only a couple of years ago, and therefore acquiring the necessary skills much earlier on has never been more important. Indeed, some universities may find themselves in the unenviable position of having to use final GCSE grades as their only measurable way of gauging a student's ability, before deciding to offer a place.

Please look at the left menu for the list of subjects which are available and/or please phone us for advice. 

Some dates may still be subject to change and the courses will be held remotely if necessary and will be capped at 6 students per subject.

All or our courses are now to be held online for Christmas/ New Year 2021, as Tonbridge School is now closed, due to the Tier 4 restrictions in place for Kent.

Tonbridge School, Kent and online

                       Course 1    Dec 27th-29th    

                       Course 2     Dec 30th-31st    (2 Day option)*

                       Course 3   New Year Jan 1st-2nd 

                       Course 4  New Year Jan 3rd-4th

                       Course 5  New Year Jan 5th-6th


* For two day options, we run GCSE courses for one subject over two days          rather than 2 subjects split over 3 days. This allows us to cover a particular        subject in more details than normal over the Xmas holiday period.
 * A level or IB courses cover one subject for 2 days (rather than the normal 3       days.)

A level/IB

Chemistry U6 Dec 30th-31st
Chemistry L6 Jan 1st-2nd or 2nd-3rd (TBC)
Physics (L6) Dec 30th-31st
Biology TBC
Maths U6 Dec 27th (Further Maths and Core)
Maths L6 Jan 3rd-4th
Geography TBC
Politics TBC
English Literature TBC
Psychology Dec 28th 
Business Studies Dec 28th
History TBC
Philosophy/Ethics TBC
Economics L6 Dec 30th-31st
IB Maths Standard Level TBC
IB Maths Higher Level TBC
IB Biology HL TBC

Other subjects available on request

I/GCSE Courses  (Some Year 11 subjects may fill quickly, please enquire if there are still spaces.)

Biology Dec 29th (other courses in New Year)
Chemistry Dec 27th-28th (other courses in New Year)
Spanish TBC
Physics Dec 29th
Maths TBC 
Further Maths 
English Literature  
English Language 

Other subjects available on request

Year 10     (Some Year 10 courses subject to change, depending on the level of interest.)

Chemistry Jan 2nd-3rd
Biology Jan 4th-5th

Other subjects available on request

We can arrange accommodation/taxis to and from our locations on request for no extra fee.

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Please note that our Christmas courses are online