February 2021 Half Term Revision Courses




Year 10


Our February half-term courses at Tonbridge School, Kent offer students an additional chance to receive tuition in GCSE/ A/S and A2 examinations in advance of the Easter holiday period.
With the bulk of the A/S examinations coming relatively early on in May and early June, this slot is especially useful to students who are looking to revise earlier on, rather than leaving all their revision to the Easter holidays, when the volume of work to be assimilated might become more daunting.

A2 students might also benefit from seeking tuition earlier on, with most students having two modules to sit in June over a relatively short period of time; hence the pressure to retain a large quantity of information over the Easter period might be relieved by attending a February Revision course.

Some A2 students may also wish to devote this period of time to studying for an A/S resit, to be sat in the Summer, before concentrating all their efforts on their A2 examinations.

GCSE/IGCSE students will also have recently received their mock examination results and consequently, there may be a need to focus on a particular subject in advance of the Easter period. It takes longer to improve in certain subjects such as the sciences, mathematics and modern languages, where knowledge is gained accumulatively before it can be successfully applied.
All courses will also be available online for February 2021, as the need has now arisen to run them in this format, due to further Covid 19 restrictions.
 Tonbridge School, Kent and Epsom College, Surrey
                      Course 1: 15th-17th                (Day option only)

                      Course 2: Feb 18th-20th         (Day option only)


February Half-Term Revision Courses

Revision Courses - February Half Term

Half-Term - February - Revision Courses