Terms and Conditions

Communication is the key to success on any revision course. Once a student arrives at a centre, it is vital that dialogue be maintained at all times and especially so early on during the morning of the first day of a course, so that your course tutor
and manager are able to address any concerns you might have as quickly as possible.
Showing respect towards fellow students and towards staff is a must on all our courses, as we aim to deliver ideal working conditions for all concerned, so that learning is as effective and enjoyable as possible. A student may be asked to leave a course by the Head of Centre should a student's conduct be deemed unsatisfactory and the Head of Centre's decision is
The company will accept no responsibility for the loss or damage of students' property, unless this is caused directly as a result of negligence on the part of the representatives of the company.
A student will only be offered a place once payment and the official registration or online form is received, by e-mail or post.
It is also essential that students or parents fill in the needs analysis section of their registration form in detail to ensure that their tutor knows exactly how to prepare for the course. Once a student has been issued with an offer of a place on their chosen course/s by e-mail, they must check these for accuracy. Finally, when 3 working days have expired, the client will then be deemed to have entered a binding agreement.
By returning the registration form and making payment, the client accepts the above terms and conditions. Additional terms and conditions will be sent approximately three working days before courses commence.
When a course is taught on a one to one basis, the course will be held over two days rather than three at A level and for the IB programme and will be studied over 10 hours rather than 18. At GCSE level an additional charge of £55 is also made to the 3 day course fee and the course will also be shortened to 5 hours tuition per day, instead of 6, this time for two subjects, which are taught over two days instead of 3. A one day GCSE 1:1 course incurs a charge of £225. When only two students sign up to study a particular subject at GCSE level or at A level, then the course is shortened by one hour per day.
Please let us know should you not wish photos or video to be used of your child attending the courses for publicity
purposes and if you should not wish to receive any further promotional material sent by the company.
Fees may only be refunded in case of illness, when a doctor's note is provided or in the event that a course is cancelled.
Once a course has started, no refund can be issued if the first session (90 minutes) of tuition has been completed without
any perceived problem being communicated to the course director and only in such cases where the majority of the
students feel that there is a significant problem with this tutoring.
More detailed terms and conditions will be sent out once the booking has been confirmed just prior to the course taking place.