Q: How many students will attend the course?

A: For A/S, A2 courses, the maximum number of students is 6. For GCSE we can accept up to 7


Q. Are all the courses board specific?

A: All our courses are board specific wherever possible. If they are not board specific you may

request 1:1 tuition, if a tutor is available.

Q: Are all the teachers fully qualified?

A: All our teachers are fully qualified teachers, mostly from the private and State grammar schools.

We also have many examiners and Heads of Department working for us.

Q: May I study only one GCSE subject as opposed to two.

A: We try to assist any request made; hence we have in the past enrolled students for only one


Q: Is there a residential option?

A: Yes, for Tonbridge School at Easter 2016 from March 29thth-April 6th only. There are three courses, each lasting for three days.

We also hold non-residential courses at other centres and at Tonbridge School from April 7th-9th 2016. At

other times of the year we can acquire preferential rates for a 3* hotel just across the road from Tonbridge School, where

students frequently stay. The fee for residential bookings can be found on our fees page.

Q: Do all the tutors have a CRB?

A: Yes, we ensure all our staff have a current CRB before any tuition is undertaken?

Q: Do year 10 students study with year 11 students?

A: It would not be normal to run a year 10 course with year 11 students in it.

Q: With the Maths disciplines at A/S and A2 level, such as Mechanics, Statistics and Pure

Maths: would these take place in the same room as students studying Core Maths?

A: No, we never run different Maths disciplines at the same time.

Q: Can students study IGCSE?

A: Yes, we cater for both of these qualifications, including Edexcel and Cambridge boards.

Q: Would IB students be placed in the same group as A/S or A2 students?

A: No, we never place IB students in the same classroom as A/S or A2 students.

Q: Are there any other centres where students can study besides Tonbridge School in Kent?

A: Yes, there is presently one other centre: Ewell Castle School, Surrey also at Easter 2016 from March 24th-26th

and March 29th-April 3rd.

Q: Do students attending the courses tend to be weak?

A: Students are of all different abilities. Should there be a weaker group, given grade predictions,

we then try to group these students together. Equally many students attend in order to boost

their chances of the top grades, from B to A*.

Q: When is the best time to study: Christmas, February Half term, Easter or Whitsun Half


A: There is no single answer to this question. We would advise students to undertake revision

courses at Christmas, February and Easter for A/S and GCSE and at Easter and the Whitsun

Half term for A2. Christmas and Easter are ideal revision periods for GCSE and A/S students as

the longer holiday ensures that there is time to relax as well as study. A number of parents

place their children on courses with us throughout the year.

Q: What is the maximum number of courses a student can take at the different times of the


A: At Christmas, students may study up to 3 different courses. At Easter, it is now possible to study

up to four different courses. At February and Whitsun two courses may be studied.

Q: Are there any 'early bird’ discounts'?

A: Yes, please enquire at the time of booking. We also offer 'bundle' discounts. Please see our

'Fees' page.

Q: May I pay by credit card?

A: At present, payment is either by BACS or by cash on the day of the course, if arranged in advance.

(Our bank details can be found on the official registration form.)

Q: When should payment be made?

A: All payments are normally made by BACS before a course begins, ideally at least one week

before a course commences. Payment can also be made at the door - but please ensure an early arrival (45 minutes prior to a course commencing.)

Payment for residential courses needs to be made one week prior to the course commencing.

Q: At which point do I know that my booking has been made?

A: As soon as the official registration form is received, either by e-mail.

Q: I have not heard from Aim for 'A' since the booking. Is this normal?

A: Once a registration form has been received, your child's information will be sent to our tutors,

who will start making contact about two-three weeks prior to a course beginning but many make contact in the final week prior to a course commencing.

Q: May my child have a hot meal at the centres?

A: Yes, a hot meal costs £8 and is available at Tonbridge School only for the first 3 courses only at Easter;

this needs to be booked and paid for 1 week before the courses begin.

Q: Is VAT added to the final fees?

No VAT is presently added to the listed fees (May 2016). Please check to see if this is still the case if the website has not recently been updated.