Students' Testimonials

Students' comments


I did the English Language revision course for A2 in May Half Term with Ms H-F and I wanted to let you know that I got an A* and full marks in the exam. I definitely couldn't have got that without her help, so thank you for running such a great course!'

Hannah Layton,

(A2 English Language May'2016)

"There is nothing more beneficial than an intensive few days working on a subject, with tutors who are able to tailor the course to your needs, and give you the thorough, in-depth knowledge required for exam success."

Emily Owen

(A/S English Literature February 2014)

"Very useful in improving exam technique and in doing so improving and consolidating knowledge surrounding the course.!

James Loxley

(A2 History February 2014)

"It's really fun and I have learnt/revised a lot, Thank You!"

Alice Hopgood

(Year 10 Chemistry and Biology February 2014)

"The teacher specifically went over the topics I was struggling with and it was a very useful way to revise for my GCSEs.'

Isabel Evans

(GCSE Economics February 2014)

"Teachers are nice, I now have more understanding in the subject/s, enjoyable!"

Elize Ansell

(A/S Physics and Maths February 2014)

"It was very exam orientated and helped me with my exam technique."

Shravaree Trymbake

(A/S Biology February 2014)

"Good teachers and facilities"

Billy Exall

(GCSE Chemistry February 2014)

"The classes are small so it can be adapted to your needs"

Nick Lightfoot

(A/S Geography February 2014)

"It is really intensive, but good."

David Gurr

(A/S Chemistry February 2014)

"I covered many topics and I feel that I am now stronger in the subject."

Ben Conyers

(GCSE Chemistry February 2014)

"The course has been so worth it, and has made me much more confident! My exam technique has developed a lot in both Geography and Business. Both tutors were great and their style of teaching was very good!!"

Timothy James

(A2 Business Studies and Geography Whitsun 2012)

"I came from Cambridge to do the course and it has been so worth it. A really great experience. I have learnt lots and will definitely recommend!"

Amy Andrews

(A2 Business Studies and Geography Whitsun 2012)

"Just a quick email to say thank you for all the effort you put into helping with my English course and making the revision course enjoyable!

Best wishes,


Laura Williams

(A2 English Literature Whitsun 2012)

"Great atmosphere to learn in with a good teacher who was great at tidying up all the picky bits of chemistry and good

with revision tips."

Rohan Naismith

(A/S Chemistry Easter 2012)

"There is an excellent standard of teaching here, they are really able to personalise the course to your needs."

Laura Schofield

(A/S Chemistry Easter 2012)

"Fantastic tutoring; the tutors are very knowledgeable and encouraging and have given me a great deal more confidence for the exam in May!"

Rosie Whittaker

(Year 10 Chemistry and Physics Easter 2012)

" I have spent 3 days studying Mechanics at Aim for "A" Revision. The course was very helpful to me. I had 1 to 1 tuition with a teacher who had a great passion for the subject. I have learnt more in 3 days than I have learnt in a whole term at school. Aim for "A" has boosted my exam confidence and helped me with my lack of understanding."

Andrew Clark

(A/S Mechanics Easter 2011)

"I came over from France to take the course: Now exams feel so much less daunting after my three days here, tiring, but worth it! Motivated me to do the revision in my own time! "

Maddie Moore

(A2 Psychology Easter 2011)

"Aim for "A" was really helpful for me with both English Literature and History. Everything you needed help with was done in such detail.....It has really helped me get to grips with understanding all that I need to know for my exams as well as how to write brilliant answers."

Anna-Louise Wigginton

(A/S English Literature and History Easter 2011

"Before attending Aim for "A" Revision Courses I was worried about my exams but now after being taught good exam techniques I feel ready to take on the exam."

Harry Atkins

(Chemistry A2 Easter 2011)

"The course has really given me confidence in the subjects I took. I learnt what I wanted to learn and more and would really recommend it to anyone, it's easily bumped up my grade."

Lucy Green

(Year 10 History and Chemistry Easter 2011)

"I attended 2 revision courses with Aim for "A" and I would thoroughly recommend it. The tutors have an in depth knowledge of all the exam boards in their subjects and I feel that it has made a significant difference to my A levels,"

Mark Carter

(A2 Geography and Chemistry Easter 2011)

"The course was perfectly tailored to my needs and my teacher always made sure I felt confident. I am now 'aiming for an A!!"

James Loxley

(GCSE Maths Easter 2011)