Full payment of the total fees will be required for bookings, after submitting the online registration form, using the bank details below. (Prior to this, the date/s when the course/s will run will have been agreed by email.) It is only at that point that we can confirm the course booking.

If you would like to book a course some time in advance of it taking place to guarantee a place on a course, then you can place a deposit of £150 using the bank details below.

The final arrangements relating to the courses are normally sent out about one week prior to the course/s commencing, but it can be only a day or two before sometimes, depending on the circumstances.

Should a last minute course be required that is already timetabled, then a faster payment / BACS payment would be required on the first morning of the tuition taking place or payment in cash at the point of registration, if the courses are held in person.

Students will not be accepted onto a course unless payment is made prior to it commencing by 9.30 am of the first date of a course, in full for all courses booked after the first day of any course.

When making a BACS payment in the UK please mention your child’s name in the reference:

Payment to Patricia Leonel

STARLING Bank Sort Code 608371

Account Number 13904119

(N.B. Patricia Leonel is the director of 'Aim Revision Courses' and this is a Business Account)

For international payments please request further details for BIC and IBAN

All students must submit an online application form with their needs analysis completed in as much detail as possible.

Tutors will then attempt to make contact to discuss each student's needs.

Head Office

Aim Revision Courses

Demesne Rd,




Tel: 0208714579

NB The ‘Needs Analysis’ section of the online form must be completed in full. Aim for “A” cannot be held responsible for not meeting the ‘revision needs’ of students during the course, if this section is not completed in full. Our full terms are detailed below:
General Terms & Conditions Aim Education, trading as Aim Revision Courses TerminologyCompany: Aim Revision CoursesContract: the Customer's registration form or online form, the Acknowledgment by the company of the receipt of the form and the partnership Agreement.Partnership Agreement: An agreement which is accepted by the Customer and the Student by booking the Aim Revision course.1. Application of conditions applies once a form is submitted and payment made.2. A refund will not be accepted if a particular course has begun, as the client will have entered into a binding agreement with the company at this point. Of course, a solution will be sought first, as it is our aim to provide a quality and desirable service to all of our customers. In extreme cases a refund might be issued if a complaint is received by the majority of the students attending (more than 50%) during the first session of the first day of a course (namely the first 90 minutes) and this complaint must be passed on verbally by the students and then in turn put in writing to the course director before the end of the first day’s tutoring by the parent/ guardian of the child by e-mail to: If the complaint, once investigated, is upheld, then a full refund will be made to the customer within one calendar month of the complaint being upheld. No refunds will be given if the Customer has not filled in the ‘needs analysis’ section of the online form in enough detail for the course to be delivered effectively by the tutor. The amount of detail must include specific reference to all the student’s expectations and stating ‘exam practice’ or words similar to this, which lack detail, will effectively mean that the Company cannot be held responsible for failure to deliver on areas which the Customer did not mention on the ‘needs analysis’ section of the forms. Equally, it will be the Company’s aim to seek further clarification as to the Customer’s expectations of the course should the ‘needs analysis’ section of the form not be filled in with enough detail before a course takes place – however it is solely the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the form is filled in with enough detail before a course commences.3. Full refunds will be given if the customer cancels before a course takes place, but this must be done at least one month before the course commences for a course booked on a ‘Day Centre’ basis (i.e. not a residential course); otherwise the room will be booked by the company and a fee due to the client and the teacher will still need to be paid by the company for their time as per the terms in their temporary contract. Full payment will still be due, even if payment has not been received from the customer at that point, if a course is cancelled by the client within that time scale – i.e. less than one month prior to the course commencing. In the case of residential courses, a student will not be eligible for a refund if the client cancels the course six weeks or less prior to the course taking place. If the client has not paid for the course at that time, then they will still be liable to pay the full fee for the course. A course is booked on the submission of the form by the client and through the acknowledgement issued by the company that it has received the form, even if precise dates have not been specified at this point. (Please see point 24 for special conditions.) The course will not run unless the client has indicated by email that they do indeed want their child to attend. If the company is unable to provide the services offered e.g. a teacher falls ill and cannot be replaced, a refund will be issued (except in points 24 and 27.) Should a student be unable to attend the course, no refunds will be issued, unless there is a good medical reason supported by a signed NHS doctor’s note. All deposits paid are non-refundable if a client then chooses to cancel a course at any time prior to it commencing.4a). We will endeavour to provide small class sizes with a maximum of 6 per A/S or A2 class and 6 for GCSE or IGCSE courses and reserve the right to place students of different levels together, should class sizes be small. Individual tuition cannot be guaranteed, although our tutors will attempt to give each student an equal amount of attention. We sometimes run an IB or Pre-U course with a student studying A level, so long as there are no more than 6 students attending a course.4b) Although a supplement is not incurred, when a GCSE course is attended by only four students for one subject, the number of hours taught can decrease over the 1.5 day period and in such cases as there are two subjects studied by only four students consecutively, the number of hours taught will decrease further accordingly, as this comprises two subjects of 5 hours per day over a 3 day period; in the case of A/S or A2 courses, where there are only two students attending, the day will be shortened by one hour each day, with classes lasting 5 hours per day over a 3 day period, thus the course is taught over 15 hours instead of 18. All of the above conditions are termed ‘small group courses’ as opposed to a normal ‘group course’ of 5 students and above. With a number of tutors the hours are 9.30 to 3.30 or 4 pm, in line with their higher tuition rates. When classes reach 6-7 students we normally lengthen the hours to 6 per day rather than 5.4c) A 1:1 class can only be offered when only one student has signed up to a particular course. With GCSE (including year 10 classes) the course is shortened from 8 hours to 5 on one day instead of 1.5 days, and for A/S and A2 students, the course is shortened from 18 hours to 10 over 2 days rather than 3. As the difference in hours is significant, every effort will be made to communicate changes from existing group courses to a 1:1 course in writing by e-mail before any such course were to take place, in the event that a student withdrew from a previous booking onto a ‘small group course’ numbering only two students at the last minute.4d) In a situation when courses run in the end as 1:1s, rather than as group courses, any discount previously offered as a bundle discount cannot subsequently apply and a supplement may be issued for the full course fee.4e) The Company reserves the right to occasionally hold a 1:1 course in the student or staff communal area, whenever a classroom cannot be provided. A flip chart and access to a laptop would normally be provided by our tutors, although this is not strictly necessary. (This has not been the case since 2014-5.)4f) If a client requires a course which ultimately runs as a 1:1 class, then a 1:1 rate will apply, if the client wishes the course to take place over the full 3 days. This applies to Year 10, GCSE and A/S and A2 courses. Every attempt will be made to inform the client of the higher fee, normally at least one day prior to the course taking place, unless a course is booked at the last minute, in which case the notification of the higher charges might not be possible to convey. IB courses are charged at a rate of £650 for two days of revision (1:1.)5. The details of the Course that is booked is sent by e-mail before the course begins, confirming the subject, level and dates. The submission of the form is enough to book the course, once payment has been received. The company reserves the right to change course dates until classes become viable in size.6. Only the student mentioned in the registration form will be permitted to attend the course.7. Students of different levels may be placed together as well as different exam boards and it will be our aim to then tailor the course to the students’ particular needs. 8. The Company will attempt to source its own teachers, although we reserve the right to use other outside agencies to provide us with teachers, should this become necessary.9. Should there be a perceived problem by the student in relation to the delivery of the course, then every effort must be made before the course has progressed very far to rectify the problem. Phone contact needs to be made to the head of Centre on the number on the Company website and/or an email sent as evidence of the problem to by the parent/ guardian by the end of the first working day of the course and mention made verbally to the Head of Centre at the earliest opportunity (and within the first 90 minutes of a course starting), which will be logged at the time the complaint was made. Should a perceived problem not be addressed early on by this time, then there is nothing that the company can then do to rectify it. It cannot be stressed enough that the complaint must be made within the first ‘90 minute period’ by email or voicemail, in order for us to consider issuing a refund in due course. Communication is of paramount importance. An e-mail received beyond the first 90 minutes of a course starting will not be accepted as an official complaint, should the Head of Centre not be notified within the first 90 minutes of a course starting by means of a conversation, phone call or email by the student attending the course in question or by the parent/guardian of the student making the complaint.10. The company accepts no responsibility should the student not gain the grade/s they are seeking.11. The client must make very clear on the registration form, if a medical condition exists, in as much detail as possible, any medical condition which might affect the student’s ability to undertake the course. Should thorough disclosure not be made on the form or in reply to an email sent before a course commences, then we accept no responsibility for any subsequent medical emergency that might arise out of the condition that was not properly disclosed to us.12. The staff at the centre do not hold any special medical training and therefore it is incumbent upon the client to take full responsibility for any medical condition which could arise during the course which could be the result of needing to take medication etc. If a parent/ guardian feels that their child’s medical condition places them in danger on this course, due to the fact that staff in the centre and boarding houses do not have specialist medical training, they should not, in our opinion, place their child on the course and the company cannot be held responsible for any medical emergency that then arose.13. Full disclosure on the registration form or by e-mail before a course commences, must be made regarding any food allergies. We do not take responsibility for any subsequent allergic reaction should the student concerned eat/purchase a product at the centre which might cause an allergic reaction. The student must check the ingredients on the packaging carefully before consuming any product which might cause an allergic reaction. If a student is staying in the boarding house the parent/guardian must give full details of any food allergies to the canteen staff at least one week prior to the course taking place. Should the canteen staff not have enough time to prepare for specialist dietary requirements (ie one full week prior to the course commencing), then the student is advised not to attend the course and the company cannot be held responsible should a child subsequently consume a food substance which then provokes an allergy. Should a student find food in the boarding house which is not supplied by the company and should they subsequently consume it, thus provoking an allergic reaction, then the company cannot be held responsible for this in any way.14. We also do not accept liability for any product bought outside the centre which might cause an allergic or adverse reaction.15. The company reserves the right to withdraw its services immediately should the student be1. Late to lessons or by a substantial amount without reason, either in the morning or after lunch or breaks.2. Abusive towards staff or fellow students in any way whatsoever (or cause disruption of any kind to the environment.)3. Use their mobile phone or have it switched on during lessons, use any listening device, electronic game or any device which might disrupt the learning environment, unless the tutor gives his/her express permission.4. Use offensive language to other students or to the tutor.5. Consume food/drinks inside classrooms or chew chewing gum in class.6. Bring cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, vape products into the centre or be seen to smoke, drink or take drugs in the grounds of the school or outside the school.7. Purposely damage or graffiti anything in the school or anything belonging to anyone else in the centre or take anything whatsoever from other students or the centre.8. Disrupt the learning environment, or the school’s business in any way, should other lessons/activities take place.9. Students should not wander around the premises and should remain in the area allotted to Aim for “A” only, even if the student might attend the company’s schools (Tonbridge School/ Epsom) normally.15 Should a student break any of these rules, it will be at the head of centre’s discretion, whether the student leave or remain on the course.16. The Company will not accept responsibility or be liable to the Customer and/or the Student in respect of the behaviour of other students on the course. We will rectify the problem should poor behaviour be noted, by removing that individual quickly from the course.17. The Customer will have liability to pay to the Company, on its demand, any reasonable costs, charges or losses which it might sustain or incur, which includes, without any limitation, direct, indirect or any consequential losses, in terms of loss of profit and any loss of reputation, any loss or damage to any property and those arising from injury or death of any individual arising either directly or indirectly from negligence on the part of the client, failure to perform (e.g. should a student be several hours late) or delay in the performance of any of its obligations under the Contract (including and without limitation, any perceived breach of any of the conditions), subject to the confirmation of costs, any charges or losses.18. The Customer will be entirely liable to pay all reasonable costs sustained or incurred by the Company which might have arisen either directly or indirectly from the Student’s breaking or taking any items from the Centre, subject to the Company confirming such costs to the Customer in writing.19a) Payment must be made before any services begin by any of the payment methods ie: by BACS transfer, unless otherwise notified before a course commences. In such a case where payment has not been made before a course commences, then the student will need to remain in the Head of Centre’s office until it is made. Otherwise the student will be asked to leave the course. As regards supplements, due to the need to run some courses as 1:1s, the student will be permitted to attend up until the point when additional payment is needed, in order to finish the course, should a part payment already have been made for group tuition.19b) Once a course has started, students are not permitted to negotiate a change to the number of hours a course has been scheduled for, unless this is negotiated with the head office in writing (by email preferably.) If a course is changed by a tutor, it still has to be approved by the Head Office. If a student shortens the number of hours they attend, they will still be liable to pay the full amount owed at the time of the agreement of our services.20 The Company suggests that students do not take valuable items into the centre in case these are lost or stolen. We accept no liability for the loss or theft of any items whilst the student is at the centre.21 Limitation of liability. The Company reserves the right to terminate the contract should a) payment not be made by the time the course begins.22 The company reserves to terminate the contract, especially relating to point 15 (and exceptionally in points 24 and 27 below.)23. Should the contract be terminated due to point 15, the parents/ guardians will be informed by phone/email as soon a possible and the student must then leave the premises either with their parents/guardians or by leaving of their own volition should they be over 18, and once parents/guardians have been informed.24 Force Majeure: The Company will have no liability to the Customer under the Contract if it is prevented from delivery of its services due to a Force Majeure. (That is to say, any events / situations which might arise, which are outside the control of the company.) With regard to the courses offered from October 2020 onwards, classes will be held online, should a physical course be impossible to provide due to governmental restrictions, which might be put in place at short notice. We reserve the right to switch a course from a physical format to a remote format should tutors become unavailable at short notice due to Covid restrictions. Alternatively, a course can be offered at a later date in person, if this is possible e.g. at the February half term or at Easter/ the May half term.25. Any alteration required to be given under the Contract will be made in writing and will be either sent by email to the other party as soon as reasonably possible eg within 21 days of any change becoming apparent that needs to be conveyed to the client.26. These general terms and conditions are to be used when addressing any issue arising and not found elsewhere on the website for the present series of courses.27. In the event that a course is cancelled, due to bad weather such as snow, then the courses will be run at a later date in the academic year, or during the following academic year and no refunds issued; the company will ensure that a revision course, or tuition, is provided later in physical form, in one of our hired premises, or online, if absolutely necessary. Where a particular subject has finished (the external exam) a full refund would normally be issued, except in point 24, in which case further support online would be offered prior to the commencement of a university degree, or once a degree has started. If the client does convey the need to receive further support, then a credit note will be issued; if the request is made after 30 calendar days after the cancellation of the course, a credit note can no longer be issued. A credit note is then valid for one year after the particular series of courses has finished, (or up to two, in exceptional circumstances.) Refunds of deposits are issued at the discretion of the management; this would normally be the case if a tutor fell ill and we could not find a replacement tutor at very short notice.28. If staying as a boarder, students are not permitted to leave the boarding house except by prior permission with the pastoral staff member/s and there will be a signing in book, which must be signed when leaving and returning to the premises at all times after lessons finish for the day. If a boarder leaves the premises, they will not be permitted to buy or consume alcohol and if any student should be found to have alcohol on the premises, they will be asked to leave. Staff will be permitted to search a room should the consumption of alcohol be suspected and the student will be asked to leave. The same applies for the consumption of other substances, such as drugs. No student may possess cigarettes or tobacco of any kind on the premises. Staff will be permitted to seize any of the aforementioned substances without the permission or knowledge of the student and then they will be asked to leave the course and no refund will be given. Any student who is found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or other similar substances will be asked to leave, as soon as the parents can collect them.29. Boarders owning cars are not permitted to leave the premises except with the permission of the pastoral staff and they must return to the premises by 8pm. We are not in a position to be ‘chasing’ students who have left the premises whilst trying to arrange activities for others.30. The use of any particular facility must be through request with the pastoral member of staff. Otherwise no facility may be used and the student may be asked to leave the course.31. Male and female students must not enter each other’s bedrooms after 10 pm and may be asked to leave if they should be found to have transgressed this rule.32. Year 10 bedtimes are from 9.30 and students must stay in their rooms from that time. Year 11s must be in bed by 10pm. Year 12 and 13 students must be in bed by 11.00pm. Should students be unwilling to comply with these bedtimes, then the pastoral staff will communicate this fact to their parents.33. Students must not play music loudly in their rooms to the extent that it disturbs others.34. Students are not allowed to move furniture from one room to another or to sleep in a room, other than that stipulated as their own by the House Master/Mistress, at the beginning of a course.35. If a student attends a course and fails to pay, for whatever reason, (for example, should the accounts team not have noticed this issue by the end of a particular course), then the client is still liable for the debt. The company will then seek to receive payment for the course and will resort to a third party to recover this debt plus apply interest, if necessary.36. Please be aware that tutors may be changed at the last moment for a variety of reasons, hence there is no guarantee that a particular tutor, who might have previously been named in communications between the client and the company as the likely tutor, will finally actually take the course. If a particular tutor is requested by a client, every effort will be made to notify the client of a change, unless there is a ‘last minute’ change prior to the course taking place. No refund can be offered if such a change ultimately takes place i.e. the requested tutor cannot ultimately take the course.38. A level courses will cover some AS/Lower Sixth work if necessary, as this is now included in the A level course. Refunds will not be issued for covering AS/Lower Sixth work in an A2 class in any circumstance whatsoever. Old specification A level work can be included in a new specification A level class and no refunds will be issued if this occurs. Different syllabi can also be covered in the same class at the same time and no refunds will be issued if the course is not exam specific for the group as a whole. We will cover each individual exam syllabus in a group context, which we justify due to the small group sizes.39. Courses can be re-timetabled, if one particular window becomes unavailable for whatever reason, and no refunds will be issued if a course is available to attend when the client cannot attend, unless this is due to a medical appointment or booked holiday or event. Evidence of the appointment or event or activity will be sought, and normally a further course would be offered at a later date eg the Summer holidays rather than a refund issued.40. From October 2020, all courses will be offered online. Courses offered online will be syllabus specific, unless otherwise notified. Courses will also be offered in person as well at the centres listed (Tonbridge, Epsom or London), but students who have booked onto a physical course will be placed in an online group at short notice, should Government guidelines prevent us from offering a physical course. Online courses are presently offered at a slightly lower rate than courses held in person. A refund of the difference will be offered if a request is made within one calendar month from the course having finished. If a student is unable to take up a place on a reorganised online course, another course will be offered in its place at the next available opportunity, either online or in person, or else a credit will be carried forward to the next possible point when tuition can be provided. (This might be for the following academic year eg a year 12 course to replace a GCSE course which could not be provided at the time.)

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